Subverse is a tactical strategy and adult shooter who collected almost one million and seven hundred thousand pounds on Kickstarter. Publication PC Games discussed with the creative director of the game the reasons for so much success, and we chose the best of the conversation:

This is not a very ambitious project. The length of the game will be approximately 30 hours. Developers want to make a strong product, not a giant, but an empty game. The studio was previously engaged in CGI porn.

The game has become popular because many do not like what is happening in the gaming industry. Developers do not want to turn the industry upside down, they just want to make dick lasers and large anime breasts. The tactical part of the game will be easier than X-Com.

Missions will be approximately three to five minutes. Weifu in the game can be used in a shooter and tactical missions. Progress will be common to each type of battles, and with the new level not only abilities will be opened, but also love scenes will become more diverse. A fun game. Developers don’t care how some communities react to it. The game already has a page on Steam.

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