Bethesda announced that recently developers have celebrated 100 days since the release of the infamous Fallout 76. The company thanked the fans for their patience and noted that they are constantly working on improving the game and make a lot of various changes. According to the developers, they have managed to increase the stability of servers by 300%. In addition, on average, gamers spend four hours a day in an online RPG.

The studio emphasized that they are aware of the mistakes that were made and share the discontent of the players. As well, they are honestly admitted that in the future they will most likely have other flaws. Nevertheless, the authors of the post-apocalyptic game do not lose heart at all and have already planned three major updates for 2019, the first of which will be released this spring.

First patch “Wild Appalachia”, which will be released on March 12, players will have to unravel some of the secrets of Appalachia in the new quest chains. Probably, the game will have a new monster, as well as: a legendary merchant, a system for disassembling objects, decorative items for C.A.M.P., a new camera, brewing, distillation and the event “Carnival Procession”. In addition, the developers will add the promised “Survival mode”, which will remove the PvP-restrictions.

In the summer the second patch will be released, with the rather ironic name “Nuclear Winter”. Players will have access to the new mode “Nuclear Winter”, two new raids (Shelter 96 and 94). Also, they will have the opportunity to become legendary players after receiving level 50. This status will also give additional benefits.

About third patch “Wastelanders”, Bethesda has not yet told. However, it is known that this will be the most ambitious update in Fallout 76. A new storyline, groupings, events and a lot more surprises.

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