Saber Ineractive and Focus Home presented a development plan for World War Z for the next three months. The game is surprisingly well sold and has already formed a strong community around itself. The following plans were presented:

— In May, a new mission in Tokyo and a new kind of special zombies, who will rise again if you kill them incorrectly.
— In June, a new kind of “extreme” difficulty with unique rewards for completing missions on it. There also will be bonus cosmetic items.
— Since July, it will be possible to complete weekly challenges and receive rewards for them, there will also be a replenishment of cosmetic items.

In addition to all this, the game will have new weapons, skins for characters and accessories. The team is also working on survival mode with waves of opponents, private lobbies, possibility to change classes during PvPvZ matches and more fine-tuning graphics on the PC.

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