Twitter users periodically ask various questions to Matt Walker, the producer of Devil May Cry V, who tries to answer them. For example, many fans of the franchise wondered if Lady and Trish would appear as game characters in the future. The bad news: hardly. According to him, the development of the game is fully completed.

But he hinted that Capcom is engaged in new games in the Resident Evil universe.

«DMC5 development is complete. I personally would also like Lady to be a playable character. We can only hope that someday we will be able to convince the right people that this is a good idea.<…> Unfortunately, we do not plan to add more content to the game. As for RE, I hope there will be more franchise titles in the future because RE2 was successful. »

Matt Walker

He also explained that Kyrie did not physically appear in the game, because they simply hadn’t enough budget.

Lady and Trish in Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry V was released on March 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
The player was able to pass it as much as a half minutes without any cheats! Recently, fans turned against
Capcom due to the fact that she hired Morrison as a racist and transphobic for voice acting. But soon the actor officially offered sincere apologies to everyone he insulted. In addition, the game became the fastest selling in the series.

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