The Division 2 players, walking across the expanses of virtual Washington, find not only hints at the scene of the next Assassin’s Creed but also various, sometimes offensive, graffiti. The community noted that one of them probably contains insults to the representatives of sexual minorities.

On the wall of one of the buildings, the players saw an image of a well-fed policeman eating a donut. Of course, there is nothing offensive in the picture itself, but more attentive players noticed that the FA6607 number is written on the icon of the peace officer, which can be read as FAGGOT.

Infamous Grafitti

This word, in turn, is considered extremely obscene in our time and offensive against sexual minorities. Attempts by some players to prove that the graffiti itself, like the word, is a reference to the musical composition Police Story, a punk rock band from the late 70s Black Flag, was not crowned with success.

Ubisoft quickly responded to the comments of players and erased the graffiti along with the update released on April 11. The company made a formal apology and noted that in the future it will closely monitor its artists, that they did not allow themselves to be too creative.

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