PlayStation 5 must have impressive hardware. And it most definitely will affect the price.

We already know that the console supports 8K resolution, a solid-state drive, ray tracing, and more. This has led many to believe that the PS5 will be more expensive than its predecessor, the PS4. Confirming this belief, there was a recent information leak from an anonymous European developer who said that the PS5 would cost $ 500, which is not a high price for such a sophisticated device. Nevertheless, one industry analyst believes that the PS5 will cost only $ 400, as much as the PS4 at the start.

According to Dr. Pelham Smithers, the director of research company Pelham Smithers Associates, specializing in Japanese manufacturing, PS5 will be supplied with an AMD Ryzen 3600G processor. Why does Smithers think so? Well, based on the fact that Sony has zilis about the system: it will have to have a 7-nm Ryzen 8-core processor that supports ray tracing, and some of the above functions. This indicates that Sony is using the AMD Ryzen 3600G, which was introduced earlier this year at CES 2019. By the end of 2019, this particular processor should cost between $ 180 and $ 220, which should reduce the price of PS5 to $ 400.

Of course, the price of $ 400 is in better agreement with what the leading architect of the console, Mark Cerny, said, the price of the PS5 will be “attractive to gamers.” 400 dollars is definitely much more attractive than 500 dollars.

If Smithers estimates are correct, then a price mark above $ 500 is out of the question. It seems that the console will cost somewhere around $ 400-500. If Sony is not afraid of losing money at the initial stage, then a $ 400 price tag seems reasonable.

It is expected that the next-generation PlayStation will be released in 2020.
Means that probably we will hear more details about it soon

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