In addition to the standard edition of the Rage 2 has a collection and Deluxe sets. They include the BFG 9000 gun from Doom shooters. The players assumed that the BFG could be opened for in-game successes, however, apparently, this weapon would become exclusive for those who are willing to pay extra money.

The community manager of Rage 2 wrote about this on Reddit. According to him, “at the start, BFG will be available only as a premium item from Deluxe and Collector’s editions”. The words “at the start” give some hope that after time the gun will no longer be hidden under the money lock. Although, perhaps, an employee of Bethesda implies that later BFG will simply appear as a separate DLC.

The bewilderment of those for whom this news was a surprise can be understood. These editions also contain special cheat codes. And they will be allowed to be opened in any of the game sets – the only difference is that the owners of the standard set will have to pay for the in-game currency for the cheats. In the case of the BFG, the people clearly counted on something similar.

A look at the BFG of Rage 2 can be found in the April video

The shooter will be released on May 14th. Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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